Linux Polska at SUSECON 2023 Conference


Linux Polska at SUSECON 2023 Conference

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Linux Polska participated in SUSECON 2023, an annual conference organized by SUSE, a global provider of enterprise open-source-based solutions. This event serves as an important platform for exchanging knowledge and experiences among professionals worldwide, who are interested in the development of open source software and in discussing its vital role in IT strategy development and business transformation. For Linux Polska, as a strategic partner of SUSE in Poland, participating in the event was a confirmation of the commitment and cooperation between the two companies, which has resulted in the success of their joint projects. The conference also provided SUSE with an opportunity to showcase many new products that are worth exploring.

SUSECON is an annual event that attracts customers, partners and SUSE enthusiasts from around the world. This year’s edition of SUSECON 2023 was held in Munich and provided participants with the opportunity to participate both in a stationary and remote formula. Participants could choose from over 100 sessions that covered topics related to Linux, Kubernetes container management, edge solutions and business strategies, complemented by technical tutorials, product overviews and customer case studies.

For Linux Polska, participation in SUSECON 2023 was an important step leading to strengthening its leading position on the Polish and European open source market. The conference was not only an excellent platform for presenting the company, but also an opportunity to build relationships with other industry professionals. It also allowed to get acquainted with the latest trends and innovations in the field of open source technology in order to better meet the growing needs of customers in a dynamic environment.

Linux Polska continues its commitment to providing the highest quality open source services and solutions, helping clients in IT transformation and achieving their business goals by leveraging the potential of open technologies.

Linux Polska at SUSECON 2023 Conference

During SUSECON 2023, SUSE presented many new products. We present some of them below.

1. SUSE Linux Enterprise 15 SP5

The latest version of SUSE’s flagship enterprise Linux platform, SUSE Linux Enterprise 15 Service Pack 5 (SLE 15 SP5), is designed to provide the high computing performance necessary to handle the workloads associated with AI/ML. SLE 15, supports migration from openSUSE Leap 15 to SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop/SUSE Linux Enterprise Workstation Extension 15. This way, even if you decide to start with a free community distribution, you can easily upgrade to an enterprise-grade distribution later on. SLE 15 works perfectly with Rancher, a popular Kubernetes management platform. What’s more, SLE 15 extends the capabilities of SUSE Live Patching to improve customer business continuity and provide even greater security and compliance. As a result, SLE may earn a reputation as the most secure Linux platform in the industry with the highest level of industry certification.

Learn more about SLE 15:

2. SUSE Manager 4.3.6

Thanks to SUSE Manager 4.3.6, it is possible to enhance the reliability of all your Linux systems. The latest version supports more than 15 different Linux distributions, including SUSE systems and all varieties of RHEL 9, such as Rocky Linux, Alma Linux, and RHEL 9. According to the manufacturer’s announcement in the early autumn, SUSE Manager will be available as a paid offer on the AWS market. This option will enable customers to manage their infrastructure from the cloud, taking advantage of metering, scalability and single billing with the cloud provider. Additionally, for customers who lack the time and skills, SUSE Manager offers new packages, including a special solution for customers using SAP workloads.

Learn more about SUSE Manager 4.3.6

3. Harvester 1.2

Solving the growing interdependence of containers and VMs in modern infrastructure environments gets progressively easier thanks to the upcoming release of Harvester 1.2. Beginning in July, users will have access to new features such as the support for third-party storage via CSI and the ability to run security-optimized operating systems. Telco and Edge users will also benefit from a new dynamic single-source I/O virtualization allocations feature across different workloads. Additionally, they will have the ability to implement a new modular structure that provides better control of the operational features in resource-constrained environments. Moreover, new experimental features in Harvester 1.2 include the integration of the Rancher management console for quicker deployment, and a ‘bare metal’ mode that allows users to run and manage virtual machines and containers in Kubernetes clusters.

Learn more about Harvester 1.2.

4. SUSE NeuVector 5.2

New version of SUSE NeuVector 5.2. improves vulnerability management and simplifies Kubernetes security while ensuring scalability and reliability. The main functions of SUSE NeuVector 5.2. include finding common database vulnerabilities and exposures, mapping NIST 800-53 compliance reports, Internet Security Center (CIS) Compatibility Benchmarks, AWS Marketplace Integrated Billing, Token-Based API Access, Customizable Login Windows (RGS) and Harbor Adapter. SUSE announced the continuation of its cooperation with cloud service providers, while also announcing the availability of NeuVector on the AWS Marketplace platform starting in July. In addition, NeuVector is expected to be available on Azure and Google Cloud later this summer.

Learn more about SUSE NeuVector:

Learn more about SUSE new products announced at SUSECON’23

If you would like to listen to selected presentations again, or you did not have the opportunity to take part in this year’s edition of the conference, recordings from all sessions are available at: (registration required).

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