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DevOps and CI/CD services in Linux Polska

We are focused on:

  • a change in the organizational culture;
  • improvement of methods of operation and processes of application supplying based on the DevOps method;
  • efficient implementation of DevOps practices and tools.

The result of our actions is the organizational culture change and an improvement in efficient processes supply of new products and IT services based on the DevOps methodology.

Thanks to the vast knowledge base of our specialized open source engineers we are impartial and independent and not bound to any particular solution or technology – we always provide a tailored solution based on the client’s needs.

Every collaboration begins with a detailed analysis of the client’s needs in order to tailor the provided service to individual requirements.

We provide consulting, audit, implementation and maintenance services . We host workshops and provide training.

We use only verified and acclaimed open source tools and technologies.

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Why work with us – our competences

Our certified engineering team has managed projects in the largest companies in Poland and worldwide and thus gained experience in:

  • initiating the change in organizational culture,
  • improvement of processes,
  • usage of DevOps tools and technologies more,
  • building the architecture of solutions,
  • usage of cloud platforms (i.e. GCP, Azure, Amazon, OpenStack more),
  • containerization ( Docker, Kubernetes, OpenShift more);
  • automatization (Ansible, Puppet, Jenkins more);
  • monitoring ( Splunk, Elastic Stack more).

What is valid for us – our approach to DevOps

Proper application process embedment in the corporate architecture by:

  • analyzing the present architecture and production processes in the IT organization;
  • recommending the secreted solutions from the area of constant interaction and delivery (solution = tools + process);
  • analyzing the extent of how the existing process and tools may be used to fulfill the new requirements.

Change of the organizational culture to improve the communication between department and teams involved in the IT services development:

  • consulting and training in the area of communication consistent with DevOps culture.

Constant improvement to all the steps of software process delivery quality:

  • defining the set of efficiency indicators for software delivery processes;
  • using the observational tools to measure the indicators of efficiency in the area of delivery (i.e. Splunk, Elastic, SonarQube etc.);
  • supporting the development of reactionary procedures suitable to the common issues occurring in the delivery process.

Retrospective analysis of the CI/CD process effect on the IT services:

  • using analytics tools for the advanced data correlation (i.e. Splunk, Elastic etc.);
  • supporting the development of data analytics method in this field;
  • analyzing the influence by using the additional sources of information from the IT services management area.

Automatization of administrative activities related to the implementation of the changes in the software and its configuration:

  • implementing the tasks automatization tools used during the process of software delivery more;
  • implementing the runtime platform suited to the completion of continuous integration process more;
  • implementing the process observability tools more.

DevOps services provide by Linux Polska – how we may help you

1. Application process delivery transformation

Software development practices and processes modernisation

Existing application modernisation based on the containerization and microservices

IT solutions designing

IT solutions issues susceptibility analysis

CI/CD delivery process automatization

Software delivery process monitoring (CI/CD)

Software code grading process quality modernisation

DevSecOps development processes modernisation

2. Application delivery processes effectiveness enhancement

CI/CD optimal tools choice support and adjusting them to the production processes

Implementing support tools to automate the testing process

Architecture design based on industry practices for software development and deployment

Software code version control and storage methods development

3. Education

Cloud DevOps Engineer


DevOps test management

Documentation and design in DevOps pipeline

DevOps and CI/CD project teams organizational workflow

Sample technologies and tools used in the CI/CD process supported by Linux Polska

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Our DevOps services are suited to you if you plan to:

  • control and reduces costs as well as improve the quality of the provided applications;
  • enhance the quality of produced and implemented applications (less mistakes, lower costs of management);
  • increase the frequency of software updates;
  • use the cloud supplier’s business application resources in a more optimal way;
  • initiate a standardized workflow for the internal development teams;
  • create standards of supplying the application in the hybrid cloud for the external suppliers;
  • implement modern DevOps/Agile practices in the IT processes.

The benefits of using DevOps practises:

  • new products and services are brought to the market in a faster manner;
  • the software updates are provided more frequently and its quality is enhanced;
  • changes in the testing and production environments are implemented more easily;
  • the cooperation between the development and software management departments is improved;
  • the control of the costs is increased.

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