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DevOps and CI/CD services by Linux Polska

Modernization of software development processes and practices

We analyze your existing software development processes and practices, identifying areas for optimization. Subsequently, we develop standards for software development and deployment, incorporating industry best practices to enhance code quality. Our team provides consistent support and guidance during the adoption of new processes, ensuring you are well-informed about the best practices.

Architecture and IT solutions design based on microservices

We offer advice, design, and modernization of IT solutions based on microservices. By utilizing recognized industry methods and practices, we ensure scalability, flexibility, and effortless maintenance for your systems in various cloud environments (public, private, hybrid). Our focus lies in ensuring the security, efficiency, and continuity of your applications.

Modernization of existing applications with containerization and microservices

We design and configure application delivery infrastructure, by leveraging the premier containerization and microservices solutions. Our comprehensive services include modernizing existing applications using these technologies. We optimize service architectures to fully exploit the capabilities of container platforms, including microservices and service mesh.

Optimization of software development and delivery processes (CI/CD) and tool selection

We meticulously assess your requirements, development environment, and current testing practices to identify optimization opportunities. We select and implement CI/CD and testing tools that best fit your needs. Furthermore, we also develop storage, control, and code analysis standards. Our overarching goal is to automate work, boost efficiency, and elevate the quality of software development processes, thereby enhancing competence within your organization.

Integrating security into the DevOps process

We conduct a thorough analysis of your current DevOps environment to pinpoint security vulnerabilities at every stage of the software development process. Based on this assessment, we furnish recommendations for monitoring and vulnerability detection tools. Subsequently, we implement appropriate monitoring and analysis tools, along with providing support to mitigate potential vulnerabilities.

Automation of software delivery processes (CI/CD)

We adapt your existing automation tools to the specific requirements of your IT environment or introduce new ones. Our team prepares automation in key delivery pipeline areas and implements change management techniques, incorporating the infrastructure-as-code (IaC) approach.

Monitoring of software delivery process (CI/CD)

We establish key performance indicators (KPIs) for the correctness of your software delivery process. Initiating comprehensive process monitoring, we supply crucial data for performance measurement while offering ongoing supervision and proactive risk monitoring.

Modernization of software code quality assessment process

We assess your current software code quality assessment process, identifying potential enhancements. Our team formulates a refined process, establishes quality and security criteria, and configures tools for automatic assessment, ensuring robust support in data modeling and artifact assessment.

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What is DevOps and CI/CD?

DevOps (short for Development and Operations) is a work philosophy related to software development, focusing on the integration of development (Development) and operational (Operations) team activities. Within the DevOps approach, a key role is played by the practice of CI/CD, which encompasses Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD), often referred to as the CI/CD pipeline.

The implementation of CI/CD introduces automation in the processes of creating, testing, and deploying applications. In short, DevOps, in collaboration with CI/CD, leads to the streamlining of the software lifecycle, allowing for improved code quality, faster delivery of new features and innovations, and increased efficiency of development and operational teams.

Why choose us for DevOps and CI/CD

Full support at every stage

We provide full support at every stage of the software delivery transformation process. Each collaboration begins with a detailed analysis of requirements, allowing for tailoring our approach to the individual needs of each organization. Our services include consulting, auditing, design, implementation, and maintenance. Additionally, workshops and training sessions are offered, through which your team can acquire the necessary knowledge and skills in the area of DevOps and open source technologies.

Effective Implementation of DevOps

We ensure the effective implementation of DevOps practices and tools. Thanks to our efforts, the processes of delivering new IT products and services become more efficient, allowing for faster implementation of innovations. Our expertise will help you introduce changes to your organizational culture, resulting in improved communication between IT teams.

Objectivity and experience

We are objective and independent of specific technologies, always advising on the optimal solutions tailored to your needs. Our certified engineering team has completed many projects in Poland and abroad. Through this, they have gained experience in areas such as improving processes throughout the software lifecycle, as well as tools, technologies, and DevOps work philosophies. Complementing our competencies is knowledge in solution architecture, cloud platforms, containerization, automation, monitoring, and agile practices.

DevOps and CI/CD — sample tools and technologies supported by Linux Polska

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DevOps and CI/CD — benefits for your organization

DevOps and CI/CD are approaches that bring numerous benefits, including:

  • faster market introduction of new products and services;
  • more efficient delivery of new software versions and enhancement of their quality;
  • easier implementation of changes in test and production environments;
  • improved collaboration between software development and maintenance departments;
  • easier cost control.

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