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About Linux Polska

Our mission 

At Linux Polska, we are dedicated to navigate our clients through technological challenges and IT transformation, unleashing the full power of open source technology. Our company remains objective and unbiased, free from allegiance to any particular technologies or IT tools, ensuring our actions always align with our client’s best interests. We emphasize innovation, continuously hone our expertise, and prioritize the transfer of knowledge to client teams.

Open-source commitment 

Our architects are fervent contributors to the open-source community. The solutions we design and develop are deeply rooted in open-source projects, each tailored to the unique business requirements and operational realities of our clients. With a proven track record, we are your trusted ally in integrating open-source solutions with your IT infrastructure.

Our services 

Our spectrum of services covers consulting, implementation, and maintenance in realms like containerization, IT automation, DevOps, multicloud strategies, data engineering, analytics, and observability. Along with service delivery, we create process and transformational strategies. Our R&D initiatives, undertaken in conjunction with academia, enrich our product suite, emphasizing the secure deployment of open-source IT tools and the development of embedded systems for many sectors.

Tech expertise

If you’re leveraging or considering tools such as Docker, Kubernetes, OpenShift, HashiCorp, Elasticsearch, Rancher, Keycloak, CAS, PostgreSQL, Splunk, JFrog, Prometheus, Tomcat, Jenkins, JBoss®  or Linux, our certified specialists are on hand to deliver unbiased counsel and project-specific optimization. Our prowess spans across diverse environments, from public clouds like AWS, Azure, and Goole to hybrid and private cloud scenarios.

Our clients

Our esteemed client base features Poland’s premier enterprises and public entities, including Ministry of Digital Affairs, CIRF, Ministry of Justice, UKNF, BGK, ZUS, ARiMR, PZU, Warta, mBank, Orange, P4, PKO BP, and PeKaO. We also provide services for foreign clients from countries such as Switzerland, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Lithuania, and Qatar rely on Linux Polska’s engineering expertise.

Education & training 

A cornerstone of our business model is our commitment to education. We conduct/run/offer training sessions and workshops helmed by our seasoned team of certified trainers. Having  an impressive cache of over 600 individual certifications, our engineers know how to combine theoretical knowledge with hands-on practical insights.

Knowledge Base

Open source and data science blog run by Linux Polska experts. You will find up-to-date information on the use of the latest technologies here.

What we offer

Linux Polska – consulting, solution implementations, support Our mission is to support our clients in overcoming technological barriers and transforming their IT.

Our partners

EDB Postgres
Splunk Partner+
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Cloudera Partner