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Designing and implementing automation processes

We conduct an analysis and optimization of your current IT processes with a focus on automation potential. We develop tailored strategies, integrate them with your existing systems, and conduct tests. Our approach centers on creating the right architecture and scripts that ensure the smooth and efficient operation of automated processes.

Deployment, maintenance, and development of automation systems

Our services don’t end with deployment. We offer ongoing optimization and support for your automation systems. We carry out regular reviews and analyses, particularly in the context of significant version changes in tools, assessing their impact on your IT environment. Our team of experts is with you at every stage—from designing and deploying key components to their testing and ongoing maintenance. We guarantee system compliance, stability, and efficiency.

CI/CD Pipeline and Quality Control Automation

We offer end-to-end automation throughout the application lifecycle, from coding to unit, integration, and performance testing, all the way to production deployment. Our tools and methodologies facilitate rapid error detection, inconsistency identification, and threat mitigation, ensuring your software is not only functional but also efficiently delivered in compliance with industry best practices.

Automation for new software adoption

When introducing a new application, it’s crucial to consider its impact on your existing IT environment, including new components and different update cycles. We analyze these factors and automate alerting processes for component inconsistencies. This ensures that any changes required in your existing IT environment—such as component updates—are automatically detected and communicated.

Automation for IT infrastructure management and observability

We specialize in automating the management, monitoring, configuration, and administration of IT infrastructure across various environments—from physical and virtualized systems to containerized solutions and public clouds. Our tools enable continuous monitoring and real-time data analysis, allowing for quick responses to any irregularities. We also automate routine tasks like system configuration, application deployment, as well as package and subscription management. As a result, your operational efficiency and security improves considerably.

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IT Automation – Selected Technologies and Tools Supported by Linux Polska

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