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IT environments standardization by Linux Polska – how we may help you

Working out organizational technology standards

Analyzing the currently used software. Identifying areas for viable standardization. Analyzing costs and benefits of standardization project. Working out the standardization guidelines. Preparing implementation plan for the standardization.

Support in implementation of enterprise architecture

Analyzing the current IT environment and its compatibility with the enterprise architecture. Identifying areas for optimization and standardization. Preparing recommendations for IT environment standardization.

Supporting IT Process Modeling in terms of ITIL practices

Analyzing current IT processes. Preparing recommendations for changes. Documenting target processes in accordance with ITIL standard.

Software lifecycle management

Analyzing software and its lifecycle. Working out Software Update Management Plan. Automating update process. Verification and validation testing.

IT environment standardization consists of:

  • defining the standard components, interfaces and processes, which are to be used in the whole IT infrastructure;
  • standardization of terminology, procedures and tools;
  • reducing the number of utilized technologies, such as operating systems, virtualization and data storage software, administrative tools;
  • verifying the standardization plans against the own developmental needs and the dominant market trends;
  • improving the administration, management and development planning;
  • configuration automation.

Why to work with us in the IT environment standardization

Linux Polska has been helping in IT environments standardization based on the latest technologies since 2009. Relying on our experience, we offer reliable support and consulting in the field of simplifying the standard administrative tasks.

Our strongest suit is the profound knowledge of the Linux operating systems family. Linux Polska engineers’ competencies also cover the development of dedicated operating systems versions and their efficient support.

We focus on the IT environment operation efficiency and the acquired experience allows us to execute successful standardization projects in the physical (bare-metal), virtualization and container environments.

Our view on the IT environments is broader than only arranging and configuring the IT components operating in the datacenter.

Linux Polska services are of comprehensive nature and consist of:

  • tech benchmarks designing;
  • change management process designing;
  • software life cycle management;
  • tech support in components’ incompatibility troubleshooting;
  • solution supporting and refining;
  • training.

Standardization of operating systems allows the creation of an entire network of servers cooperating with each other while performing different tasks (profiles). Profiles once defined facilitate the correct allocation of physical resources required for the execution of server’s tasks. Arranging servers in this manner helps in commissioning of further physical or virtual machines in a reproducible, automated and easy to control way.

IT environments standardization – technical benefits

  • Servers deployment and maintenance automation.
  • Faster configuration fixes and changes.
  • Easier configuration and its integrity management using the configuration templates.
  • More effective prediction of forthcoming crashes (MTBF).
  • Faster cause analysis and recovery after failure (shorter MTTR).
  • Simpler change management process, due to the fast evaluation of change impact on the standard components.
  • Quick fixes implementation applicable to every system.
  • Simplification of the current administration thanks to the unification of monitoring, alarming, backup and restore methods.
  • Facilitation of system maintenance through the standard audit and repair procedures.

IT environments standardization – business benefits

  • Lowered maintenance and support cost.
  • More effective use of IT budget on innovation, new applications and services.
  • Reduction of failure impact by shortening the inactivity time and faster troubleshooting.
  • Improved user (employees and clients) experience.
  • Better IT security and legal compliance due to the simplified systems update and transparent monitoring.
  • Increase of IT team productivity.

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