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IT environment standardization services by Linux Polska

Technology standardization strategy

We analyze the software and hardware used in your organization to identify areas where standardization can be possible and effective. Based on this analysis, we develop specific guidelines to help unify technology in your company. Our goal is to increase efficiency and technological consistency within the organization.

Optimization and standardization of IT architecture

We analyze your current IT environment to check its compliance with the corporate architecture. We identify areas requiring optimization and possible standardization. Based on this, we develop recommendations that will assist in standardizing the IT environment. Our focus is on ensuring consistency and efficiency within the corporate architecture.

IT processes optimization in accordance with ITIL

We analyze your current IT organization processes, identifying areas for optimization. We then present change recommendations that are in line with ITIL practices. The work is concluded by documenting the new processes in accordance with the ITIL model. Our aim is to improve the efficiency and quality of IT service management in your organization.

Software lifecycle management

We analyze software and its lifecycle to detect potential areas for improvements. Based on this, we develop a software up-to-date management plan, which allows for effective management of versions and updates. We automate the update process to minimize the risk of errors and speed up deployment. Finally, we conduct tests to ensure that everything is working as expected.

What is IT environment standardization?

With the vast amount of operating systems and the applications, libraries, drivers and other types of accompanying software needed to provide full functionality, the complexity of the IT environment grows exponentially. Higher operating costs are at stake here and greater risk of lower service quality and IT security. The proper way of countering the above-mentioned issues is the standardization of not only the chosen configurations and versions, but the whole IT environment.

IT environment standardization consists of:

  • defining the standard components, interfaces and processes, which are to be used in the whole IT infrastructure;
  • standardization of terminology, procedures, and tools;
  • reducing the number of utilized technologies, such as operating systems, virtualization and data storage software, administrative tools;
  • verifying the standardization plans against the own developmental needs and the dominant market trends;
  • improving the administration, management, and development planning;
  • configuration automation.

Why choose us for IT environment standardization?

Experience and credibility

For several years, Linux Polska engineers have been assisting in the standardization of IT environments using the latest technologies. Based on our experience, we offer reliable support and advice in the area of simplifying standard administrative tasks.

Open source expertise

Our strength lies in an in-depth knowledge of open source and Linux operating systems. The competencies of Linux Polska engineers also include the ability to build dedicated versions of operating systems and provide their effective support.

Efficiency and effectiveness

We focus on the efficiency of the IT environment, and our experience enables us to carry out effective standardization projects in physical (bare-metal), virtualization, and containerization environments.

IT environment standardization — selected platforms and tools supported by Linux Polska

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IT environment standardization — tech benefits

  • Servers deployment and maintenance automation.
  • Faster configuration fixes and changes.
  • Easier configuration and its integrity management using the configuration templates.
  • More effective prediction of forthcoming crashes (MTBF).
  • Faster cause analysis and recovery after failure (shorter MTTR).
  • Simpler change management process, due to the fast evaluation of change impact on the standard components.
  • Quick fixes implementation applicable to every system.
  • Simplification of the current administration thanks to the unification of monitoring, alarming, backup and restore methods.
  • Facilitation of system maintenance through the standard audit and repair procedures.

IT environment standardization — business benefits

  • Lowered maintenance and support cost.
  • More effective use of IT budget on innovation, new applications and services.
  • Reduction of failure impact by shortening the inactivity time and faster troubleshooting.
  • Improved user (employees and clients) experience.
  • Better IT security and legal compliance due to the simplified systems update and transparent monitoring.
  • Increase of IT team productivity.

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