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Linux Polska Announces Expanded Partnership with Elastic to Strengthen Local Technical Support and Expertise

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Linux Polska has announced the expansion of its partnership with Elastic, a leader in search analytics and data analytics solutions, to the Elite level. This collaboration aims to provide customers with local expertise, technical support and professional training. Linux Polska stands out as the exclusive partner in the region to attain this prestigious level of collaboration, confirming its competence and specialization in areas such as system observability, monitoring, data analysis, and information security.

Linux Polska’s Role in the Elastic and Open Source Ecosystem

Linux Polska is the first Elastic partner in the CEE region with the highest Elite Partner status, confirming its high competence and specialization in technical consultancy. It also ensures customers receive the highest level of support. Recognized as an expert in Enterprise solutions, Linux Polska expands its offering through its partnership with Elastic by incorporating additional advanced tools.

Steve Furniss

Steve Furniss, Area Vice President Emerging Markets, Elastic

As an Elastic Elite Partner, Linux Polska not only possesses high technical competence but also has a deep understanding of the local market. The combination of Elastic’s Search Analytics platform and Linux’s expertise will ensure that customers in Poland will receive the highest level of support and advice in search analytics technology.

Thanks to the partnership with Linux Polska, Elastic customers gain access to local technical support, individually tailored solutions, and specialized services in the mentioned areas. This partnership also allows for participation in advanced workshops and training to enhance the technical skills of teams.

Linux Polska has been supporting customers since 2009 in overcoming technological barriers and IT transformation, maximizing the potential of open source IT technology. It is an experienced and trustworthy partner in adopting Elastic Enterprise solutions, particularly in areas such as IT observability and monitoring, information security, data processing and analysis, showing its unique position in the software ecosystem.

Free and Open Elastic’s Licensing Model

A key feature of Elastic is its free and open licensing model, allowing new users to start using the tools without the need to purchase licenses. When an organization is ready to utilize premium features such as machine learning, advanced APM, cross-cluster replication, endpoint security, or orchestration tools, they can simply upgrade their license level. There is no need for additional tools, separate architectures, or extra hardware. The open source model is also helpful in cost control related to managing various environments: development, testing, and production.

About Linux Polska

With over 14 years of experience and a wide range of services, Linux Polska is recognized as a leader in open source technology in Poland. The company creates its solutions based on open source projects, including those related to the secure development, deployment, and use of open source software and embedded systems for industry. In the service domain, the company specializes in consulting, deployments, and maintenance in areas such as containerization, process automation, multi-cloud, engineering and data analysis, as well as machine learning. Linux Polska’s experts also develop process and transformational strategies. The company’s portfolio is expanded through research and development activities conducted in collaboration with the academic environment.

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