About Linux Polska - LinuxPolska is leader in open technology on Polish market.

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About Linux Polska

Linux® Polska – we are a Polish IT company founded in 2009. Our mission is to support our clients in overcoming the technological barriers and transforming their IT while maximizing the potential of the latest technologies to make them the main driver of digital business transformation.

We focus on innovations, continuous development of the skills of our staff and transferring knowledge to clients’ teams. Our architects are active members of the open source community.

We are designing and creating our own open source solutions that meet the individual client’s needs. The projects we are delivering are customized to fit specific business requirements and clients’ organizational realities. This makes us a responsible partner for the process of IT environment change and adoption of open source solutions. 

We are providing consulting, implementation and maintenance services in the areas of: migration to open source, application containerization, hybrid cloud, DevOps, databases, middleware, IT automation, data science and data analytics, machine learning, particularly deep learning.

Our offer is enhanced by research and development activities and developing of our own data science products, in collaboration with the academic community.

The portfolio of Linux Polska clients includes key Polish enterprises from the following industries:

  • banking and finance (PKO BP, mBank, KNF, NBP, and BGŻ),
  • insurance (Warta, PZU),
  • telecommunications (Orange, T-Mobile),
  • public administration (ZUS, ARiMR, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Justice),
  • IT (Asseco).

We also provide engineering services to clients from countries such as  Switzerland, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Hungary, Dubai, Qatar.

Our business is complemented by training courses – both authorized and proprietary, delivered by experienced team of certified trainers with substantial practical knowledge (over 500 individual certifications).


In our training and examination center we carry out training in the leading technologies.


Linux Polska – consulting, solution implementations, support Our mission is to support our clients in overcoming technological barriers and transforming their IT.

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