About us

Linux Polska is leader in open technology on Polish market. We implement not only our technology partners’ solutions but mainly introduce our own projects based on Open Source in areas of Operational Intelligence, Security, Version Controlling. Our activity also includes authorised trainings and dedicated workshops. We are specialized distributor of Open Source products, and has an Authorized Training Centre in Warsaw and Cracow.

Trainings with Linux Polska

In order to raise awareness of the Open Source among our Customers and Partners, and how to use it in professional IT infrastructures, we offer a wide range of workshops  and certified trainings, as well as exams developed for special business needs. All trainings and workshops are guided by professionally trained in terms of content coaches, the courses are based on practical exercises and stimulating materials for participants.

Contact to trainings department


  +48 22 213 95 71

  +48 22 213 96 71

   +48 519 130 150

   +48 519 130 145

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