Open source and data science

We specialize in providing consulting services for development and implementation of solution, system and application architectures based on open source and data science technologies. Linux Polska offering is complemented with auditing, integration and maintenance services. Our portfolio covers the areas of application containerization, hybrid cloud, migration to open source, DevOps, databases, Linux server, middleware, IT automation, data science, and deep learning.

Artificial intelligence

We offer consulting and implementation services in the field of practical application of artificial intelligence algorithms in business processes. We are focused on machine learning and neural networks (image analysis).

Our Service Subject Areas

IT Containerization

DevOps Consulting

IT transformation

Deep learning – using neural networks for image analysis

Data science and data analytics

Support services

We provide technical support for commercial enterprise open source solutions as well as for the latest data science technologies – delivered on the basis of partnership agreement with vendors and reinforced by local support of our engineer team. We also provide support to community open source products.

Red Hat
Professional Services

Professional Services

Professional Services

Professional Services

satisfied clients in 7 countries in the EMEA region and USA

hours of consultations and implementations

certificates in leading technologies and project management

since 2009

we are the largest competence center for open source technologies in the CEE region

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