Virtualization is a verified technology allowing many operating systems and applications work on one physical server concurrently. Introducing such an innovation permitted change in modern IT infrastructure, as well as the way it is being used. Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization for Servers is a complete virtualization service designed to make virtualization technology easier for data centers in order to reach for higher operational functionality with reduced costs. Additional automation technology allows making this technology one of most trusted production systems, reduce costs, leverage flexibility and compatybility as well as reduce risk. Automation of virtualisation helps automate provisioning, patching and configuration of operating system, components of aplication and other elements in physical or wirtual environments and public clouds. At the same time automation spreads over the proces of user identity and security management.

Virtualization® offers:

  • Record breaking efficiency and scalability
  • Market leading security level
  • Largest list of supported hardware and software
  • Lowest in the class operational cost