Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® is an efficient operating system, which from almost a decade offers unique benefits for computing environments. As the most trusted in the world IT platform, Red Hat Enterprise Linux is deployed in mission-critical environments, such as the world’s stock exchanges, financial institutions, leading communication companies and animation studios. It also supports websites of many famous retail brands worldwide.
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Red Hat Enterprise Linux System:

  • provides high performance, reliability and security,
  • has been certified by leading hardware and software vendors,
  • can be run on workstations, servers and mainframe systems,
  • provides a consistent application service environment for physical, virtual and cloud deployments.

System Red Hat Enterprise Linux was created to help organizations seamlessly switch to new models of data centers which include virtual environments and cloud computing. The system supports the most important hardware architectures, hypervisory and cloud-based solutions, thus ensuring a predictable and secure deployment in a variety of physical and virtual environments. Improved tools and new features introduced to this version allow administrators to perfectly adjust the application environment.