What is Docker

dockerDocker is an open platform for programmers, admins and software testers who deal with creating, and implementing distributed applications, built from different, independent elements. It is often described as a tool for locating an application and its libraries in a lightweight, portable virtual container, so it can be run on almost any Linux server.

Docker makes using containers for prototyping, creating, implementing and maintenance of application easier than before and possible in many environments. It’s like virtualizaction in a sense that, thanks to avoiding the need to create virtual operating system, many contatiners can work on the single operating system. Applcations run in Docker also have less overhead in comparison to those run in virtual environment? this makes them far more lightweight. Another great value to this technology is its open source, which makes anyone interested join in to create and develop it or at least tune it to their own needs. Currently more than 1600 contributors develop the tool and over 50 000 external projects use it. So even if some may call it young and not 100 % reliable, your comeback might be, that since so many people use and develop it all bugs are being removed sooner than in many other mature applications.

LinuxPolska is a Docker® Partner. Should you need any information about the product and consultancy related to containers, please let us know.