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Platform as a Service (PaaS) by Linux Polska – how we may help you

PaaS platform implementation and continuous update

PaaS environment design and commissioning on the Kubernetes platform (bare-metal, virtualization, cloud); support and update.

PaaS platform expansion

PaaS platform capability and efficiency boost; new application adaptation support; consulting in the field of the latest technologies and project standards.

PaaS platform maintenance in the on-premises and cloud environments

PaaS environment maintenance in different models: private, public and hybrid cloud.

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PaaS (Platform as a Service) is a service which shares a complete environment for application development and runtime in the cloud. This working model allows the application creation and production operation without owning the necessary infrastructure and bearing the costs associated with it.

PaaS provides all the necessary environment’s components:

  • hardware (virtualization, CPU, RAM, storage, network);
  • containerization;
  • operating systems;
  • middleware;
  • runtime, i.e. environments essential to the proper operation of applications developed using different programming languages;
  • tools to support application development;
  • tools for monitoring application operational reliability.

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Why to work with us in Paas

As one of the few companies in Poland we have acquired the experience in PaaS containerization projects developed using different solutions of the client’s choice, including: Kubernetes, Rancher, Tanzu, OpenShift, OKD, Docker.

Linux Polska services are of comprehensive nature and covers:

  • solution design and implementation;
  • solution maintenance on both levels: PaaS platform and applications;
  • technical support in fixing current issues;
  • proactive monitoring;
  • training.

Our certified engineering team has developed projects for the largest Polish and international companies, gaining the experience in:

  • DevOps workflow philosophy, tools and technologies;
  • container platform architectures;
  • cloud platforms;
  • automation;
  • monitoring.

Platform as a Service (PaaS) – technical benefits

  • Dynamic scalability (up and down scaling).
  • Improved security delivered by the platform itself.
  • Reduced environment complexity.
  • Software development increased agility.
  • Wide range of accessible software without the cost barrier.
  • Standard CI/CD applications availability.
  • Components reusability.
  • Increased flexibility of optimal solution seeking (experimenting) without the increased financial risk.
  • Reduction of simple, repetitive administrative tasks.
  • Easier work organization – remote working from any place, teamwork and efficient execution of DevOps approach.

Platform as a Service (PaaS) – business benefits

  • Increased cost efficiency and elasticity in the pay-as-you-use model.
  • Reduction of initial investments to build and expand the environment.
  • Administrative cost reduction.
  • Easier project launching – avoiding the time-consuming phase of hardware and software purchasing.
  • Faster delivery of the new services to the clients – shorter time-to-market.
  • Dynamic reacting to the changes in the business and tech environments.
  • Focus of the IT team on business application delivery.
  • Increased service reliability – scalability and security mechanism, which results in reduced failure rate (longer MTBF) and faster restore after failure (shorter MTTR).

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Selected PaaS platforms and tools supported by Linux Polska

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