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Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) by Linux Polska – how we may help you

IaaS platforms architecture development

IaaS project architecture preparation with an optimal deployment scenario.

IaaS platforms implementation and update

IaaS platform implementation according to an approved project and deployment scenario.

Applications and operating system implementation on the IaaS platforms

Implementing applications and open-source operating systems on the IaaS platform.

Preparing new application version deployment with automation.

IaaS platform installation accuracy audit

IaaS platform analysis in respect to efficiency, security, high availability, obstacles and limitations.

Working out recommendations for modifications.

Virtual machines migration processes support

Consulting and support in virtual machine migrations between different virtualization environments, providing quality assurance.

IaaS platform cost and efficiency optimization

Current solution cost analysis in comparison to the market offer and efficiency of its utilization.

Recommendations for further optimizations.

IT environments support on the IaaS platform

IT environment support for system administration, proactive system monitoring and client’s application maintenance to meet the SLA parameters.

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The IaaS model allows an elastic utilization of the hardware and up and down scaling of its processing power on demand, according to the current requirements and with the costs adjusted to the actual usage. The major difference between IaaS and IT infrastructure in a proprietary data center is the ability to use the hardware without the need of purchasing it.

IaaS model is particularly useful for:

  • providing application development environment;
  • providing temporary testing environments;
  • performance-wise demanding big data analysis;
  • temporary High Performance processing (HPC);
  • hosting dedicated solutions essential for workflow scalability, security and consistency.

Why to work with us in IaaS

The Linux Polska engineering team has gained experience in implementing cloud projects for the largest companies from, among others, financial, insurance and telecommunication sectors as well as Polish and international public administration.

Our forte is the knowledge of:

  • Linux’s family operating systems, their network and storage components;
  • open source software;
  • system optimization methods.

We are independent of any particular technology vendor and we always advise on an optimal solution tailored to the individual needs of the client.

Linux Polska services in the field of IaaS covers: consulting, audits, designing the cloud architecture – public (Google, Amazon, Microsoft Azure environment), private and hybrid, as well as its implementation and maintenance.

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Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) – technical benefits

  • IT infrastructure elasticity and scalability (up and down scaling).
  • IT services reliable continuous availability.
  • Faster setting up of new hardware (i.e. provisioning new instances) without the initial costs and purchasing procedures.
  • Better availability of using the data backups and disaster recovery (DR), business continuity (BC) and high availability (HA) services.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) – business benefits

  • Cost reduction and elasticity (pay-as-you-go).
  • Lowering entry threshold for new projects thanks to the elimination of the initial investment barrier.
  • Better availability for small and medium companies.
  • Faster provisioning of new services to the market (shorter time-to-market).
  • Enabling innovation in the area of infrastructure utilization improvement,
  • Reduction of IT administration team’s workload.

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Selected IaaS platforms and tools supported by Linux Polska

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