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Linux Polska SIEM services – how we may help you

Support in SIEM strategy building

Assistance in developing the processes and procedures used to protect the data and systems from the security related threats such as cyberattacks, confidentiality and integrity breaches, data accessibility and other threats associated with business and operating activity.

Audit of the existing SIEM solution

Comprehensive auditing of the SIEM tools and processes, to identify the weakness and recommend the necessary changes to increase the effectiveness of the system. Our expertise allows you to avoid the mistakes made by various companies in the area of security.

Assistance in selecting the SIEM solution

Aid in choosing the right technology and SIEM tools for the particular needs and requirements of your company, which will allow an effective monitoring and protection of the IT infrastructure.

Designing the architecture of the SIEM solution

Preparing a personalized architecture of the SIEM solution incorporating all of the vital aspects such as security, scalability, cost-effectivity, ease of maintenance and perfect compatibility to business requirements and needs.

Building and deployment of the SIEM solution

Professional deployment, configuration, and integration of the SIEM platform with remaining components of the IT architecture which will provide a full control over the data and incidents. Thanks to that, the engineers and security specialists will have an easier time detecting and reacting to the potential threats.

Supporting the modernization of the SIEM solution

Support and consultation on the modernization and evolution of the existing SIEM solution, which allows a more effective protection of the IT resources, increasing the efficiency of operations, saving time and reducing the cost of managing the system security.

Training and knowledge transfer

Workshops and dedicated training programs to the teams, allowing for acquiring the necessary knowledge and gaining skills from the area of SIEM system usage in order to aid the specialists in utilizing the full potential of SIEM and increasing the level of IT security in the company.

Post-deployment support and maintenance of the SIEM platform

Tech support and substantive support in the key tasks related to maintaining and expanding the SIEM platform.

Implementation of the tools and methodologies supporting the security managing processes

Such as DevSecOps or support in SOC (Security Operations Center) building. It will enable your organization more efficient and automated operations in the scope of monitoring and reacting to threats, as well as improved risk management.

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SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) – what is it and how to implement it properly?

SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) is an approach which combines the security information management and security event management features in a single system. The goal of SIEM is to detect and react to the threats to IT security by analyzing and correlating the data from various sources such as operating systems, applications, network devices, antivirus systems or intrusion detection systems(IDS). A successful deployment of SIEM requires preparation of specific strategy, processes, procedures and operator teams, which allow an effective usage of the tool in the aim of ensuring IT security.

Why to work with us in the area of SIEM

Understanding of business and specificity of the industry

The Linux Polska engineering team has practical knowledge of standards and best practices applied in the area of IT security and incidents management in various sectors, as well as an excellent understanding of processes and business needs.

Experience and professionalism

Since 2009 we have been designing, implementing, maintaining and developing IT systems for clients from various industries. We have acquired expertise in executing complex IT projects in demanding IT environments, working for major companies and institutions.

Individual approach

Our method is based on an in-depth analysis of client’s needs and an individual approach to each project. Thanks to that, we are able to provide the best solutions tailored to specific requirements.

Knowledge of technologies and innovation

Our engineering team has experience in deploying various SIEM platforms and tools, as well as an up-to-date knowledge of the latest trends and development directions in the area of security. We are objective and independent of any individual technology, supplier, or tool. We always act in the best interest of our client by presenting all available solutions.

Credibility and support on every stage of project’s development

Linux Polska is not only a provider of the services, but also a business partner who is always willing to offer counsel or advice. Our security specialists are ready to provide the support and assistance on every stage of the project, also after completing the deployment, which assures full satisfaction of the clients and ensures maximum security.

Understanding of IT security threats

We have extensive experience in identifying and reacting to various types of threats to the IT systems specific to various industries, including hacker attacks and data leaks.

Analytical skills

Linux Polska possesses the analytical skills, which allow for monitoring and analyzing large amounts of data flowing through the SIEM systems. In the analysis, we also utilize artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Engineering competencies

Our engineers have the certified knowledge in the area of deploying, configuring and integrating the enterprise class SIEM systems from different vendors in such a way to fulfill requirements, needs and business goals.

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SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) – benefits for managers and security specialists

For managers

  • High level of data protection from the threats and hackers attacks.
  • Quick reacting to the threats and minimizing the risk of data loss.
  • Compliance to the legislations or the internal regulations of the organization.
  • Optimization of business processes and increasing the effectiveness of the operational activities of the organization.
  • Minimizing the costs resulting from the incidents, such as data losses or issues with the company’s image.

For security specialists

  • Effective risk management and identification of the threats.
  • Data centralization and quick access to the information.
  • Users activity monitoring and detecting suspicious activities in real-time.
  • Immediate detection of the incidents and the access to an in-depth analysis.
  • Ability to verify and optimize the security terms.
  • Ability to create reports and trend analysis in the aim to improve the security systems.

SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) – benefits for IT systems users

  • Secure usage of the IT systems and the protection of data privacy.
  • Ability to report suspicious activities.
  • Quick reaction to incidents after reporting and minimizing the risk of data loss.
  • Increasing the transparency of business processes and protection from unauthorized access to the data.
  • Increasing the sense of security and trust towards the organization.

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