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Observability and IT monitoring

We provide services that enable analytical insight into the most complex digital ecosystems of our clients (hardware and software infrastructure, business processes and applications, IT services, and network layers). By gaining comprehensive knowledge about the functioning of systems, it is possible to assess which element of the infrastructure may fail and prevent issues before they impact the performance or availability of solutions. As a result, we improve operational continuity and increase the availability of the services provided by the client.

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SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) is a comprehensive approach to IT security management that integrates information and event management functions within a single platform. Our professional support in this area begins with the creation of a dedicated strategy, extends through the selection and implementation of the optimal solution, and continues with the maintenance and development of the system. We provide personalized solutions that ensure complete data security. Additionally, training sessions are offered to help maximize the potential of SIEM.

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DevSecOps is a software development concept that integrates DevOps methods with security practices throughout the entire lifecycle of an information system—from its creation to maintenance. We support our clients in the comprehensive implementation of DevSecOps processes, starting from security audits and optimization of areas needing improvement, through deploying, securing, and maintaining applications in containerized environments, to implementing specific security policies, assisting in regulatory compliance, and providing training.

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Risk audit

In the face of the widespread presence of open source software in companies, skilled risk management is a priority today. We offer a broad range of services including technical, logistical, and legal audits, identification of cybersecurity threats, analysis of potential weaknesses in the software production supply chain, and technical and licensing consultancy. Our remedial measures will secure your systems and help you avoid legal issues. Take advantage of our specialized knowledge to reduce the risks associated with using open solutions.

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Continuous monitoring and response

We provide continuous monitoring of IT infrastructure and immediate response to potential threats, which helps maintain the security and operational continuity of systems.

Conplete IT environment analysis

We offer a comprehensive analysis of the IT environment, enabling a better understanding and the implementation of remedial measures that minimize the likelihood of failures.

Training and education in security

We offer dedicated training to increase employee awareness and minimize the risk of security breaches.

Observability and IT security — our perspective

Observability and IT security are the keys to peace of mind and assurance in the digital world. By investing in the monitoring and protection of the IT environment, we are essentially investing in uninterrupted operations and client trust. With the appropriate strategy and monitoring tools, we can track every movement within systems, detect potential threats, and respond instantly — before they become serious problems.
Przemysław Malinowski
Przemysław Malinowski
Senior Solutions Architect,
Linux Polska

Monitoring — the foundation of security and efficiency in IT infrastructure

IT Monitoring

IT monitoring is both a matter of security and efficiency. By tracking system performance and analyzing trends and patterns, we can identify areas that need improvements or optimization. Moreover, diligent observability allows for a better understanding of user needs and the adaptation of infrastructure to evolving business requirements. This enables the optimization of resource use, reduction of operational costs, and enhancement of the overall organizational efficiency.

Full portfolio of services

Today’s businesses face the challenge of continuously adapting to technological changes. Since this is an ongoing process, not a one-time transformation, it is valuable to consistently implement solutions that ensure optimal utilization of a company’s business potential. Digital optimization leads to revenue growth, improves operational efficiency, enhances competitiveness, and reduces operational costs—all without altering the business model. We offer comprehensive support for the continuous process of digital optimization, which includes the following services.

In a dynamic business environment, effective management of IT infrastructure is crucial for success. We provide comprehensive support in improving and enhancing IT infrastructure, processes, and strategies. We assist in optimizing the IT environment, adapting it to changing business and technological needs. Effective IT infrastructure management increases operational efficiency, improves usability, and reduces costs. Entrust operations related to system maintenance to our experienced experts.

Data engineering is a cycle of operations that includes the collection, processing, transformation, and archiving of data for analysis and utilization. A key aspect of this process is creating a coherent data structure that allows for the efficient management of large volumes of information and real-time data processing. Moving beyond traditional data management, we offer comprehensive support to clients who wish to fully leverage the potential of their systems and data warehouses. Our services include not only system integration but also comprehensive solutions concerning databases and data warehouses, ensuring security and compliance.

In a digital world full of changes and threats, continuous monitoring of the IT environment is essential. Proper observability involves collecting and analyzing data from various points in the infrastructure. This allows us to gain information about the current state and performance of systems. As a result, we can identify the actual sources of failures or performance drops, as well as recognize trends and patterns in software operation. Our services minimize the risk of cyber threats and ensure the continuity of system operations. We implement IT security strategies by integrating best practices in the field of security. Support also includes training tailored to the individual needs of the client to fully utilize the potential of implemented solutions.