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Virtualization by Linux Polska – how we may help you

Supporting virtual machine migrations

Analyzing assets to be migrated.
Preparing migration procedures.
Providing technical support during application migration between the virtualization environments.

Producing dedicated virtual machine (VM) images

Producing virtual machine images in line with requirement specification, including linking and unlinking of dedicated sets of components and libraries to the system.

Automated updating of virtual machine (VM) images

Implementing tool and procedure to build VM images with capability of continuous automated software updating.

Deploying and migrating container platform in the virtual environment

Drafting the implementation architecture and plan.
Virtualization environment configuration.
Providing technical support during the application deployment.

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Virtualization consists in the creation of a virtual computing environment, which allows the assignment of the resources of the physical server (host) to a few or more independent virtual machines of optimal size.

The virtual machines are controlled by the hypervisor in terms of utilization of hardware resources and management system in terms of health state, so it allows a more efficient utilization of the physical computing hardware. Virtualization is a de facto standard to build large scale IT infrastructures.

Thanks to applying the virtualization technology, coherent management of the IT environment is possible, even when the virtual machines use different versions of operating systems or software. This technology facilitates an elastic change implementation in the environment – i.e. enabling and disabling the individual virtual machines. Testing and launching completely new projects are very good examples of how to use virtualization wisely.

Physical server allocation of virtual machines also permits a quicker system rebooting after failure. Virtualization helps in the case of distributed solutions deployed on many nodes. It provides better performance and reliability if well configured, as can be provided by Linux Polska.

Virtualization – technical benefits

  • Quicker and simpler new systems launching (provisioning).
  • Easier IT environment maintenance for administrators, thanks to improving the:
    • system status visibility;
    • data and system state security;
    • shorter time of recovery after failure (MTTR);
    • robustness – better security;
    • capability to transfer systems between locations;
    • secure testing in a temporary environment fully independent of the production environment.
  • More efficient managing of similar or related services by dividing them into optimal pools with a common resource usage characteristics.
  • Good cooperation with container platforms.

Virtualization – business benefits

  • Cost optimization thanks to hardware standardization and increased IT team’s work efficiency.
  • Increased IT systems availability by preventing and shortening the restore time after failure.
  • Facilitating the streamlined work sharing between the developers and administrators within the framework of DevOps.
  • Energy saving due to the servers consolidation and reduction of the energy consumption per server.
  • Data center floor space-saving.

Why to work with us in virtualization

We modernize and optimize the client’s virtualization infrastructure configuration in accordance with the best practices and based on our engineers’ experience. As a result, we are able to execute the most complex virtualization projects.

We focus on how to optimally use virtualization as the basis of the modern container solutions.

Our successful projects offer quite a new look at your business optimization with virtualization:

  • containerization,
  • microservice architecture,
  • cloud-bursting,
  • public and hybrid cloud.

An additional area, in which Linux Polska offers an added value, is the development of production-ready, dedicated virtual machine images according to the specific requirements.

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Virtualization – selected platforms and tools supported by Linux Polska