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Middleware – how we may help you

Implementing application server environments

Application server implementations in the bare-metal, virtual and container environments covering: analysis, design, implementation, maintenance, training.

Auditing middleware configuration

Analyzing middleware environments in terms of performance, security, openness for development.
Working out guidelines and suggested improvements in the configuration – based on good practices and experience of Linux Polska.

Modernizing middleware environments

Defining environment adjustments aimed at efficiency, security and interoperation with external applications and covering: analysis redesign, implementation and maintenance.

Middleware environments containerization

Transferring middleware software to the container platform and supporting developers in adapting applications to a new environment.

Middleware environments migration

Transferring middleware environments from the closed-source to the open-source solutions covering: analysis, target architecture design, migration plan, migration process support and post-deployment support.

Developing and modernizing Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) environments

Delivery of data exchange and transformation layer between the applications, providing a better interaction and scalability.

Middleware provides “glue” that makes applications work together

Middleware software acts as an intermediary in the communication between applications on multiple levels:

  • application’s servers with data access;
  • application integration and data integration software (EAI);
  • business process management automation software (BPM);
  • business rules and decisions management software (BRMS).

Middleware – technical benefits

  • Easing the developers work thanks to the adoption of popular software and widely adopted design paradigms.
  • Improving the software testing process by using the automatic testing.
  • Portability and reusing due to the utilization of shared components feasible to use in various, different environments.
  • Possibility of using generally available and reliable components i.e. application servers, application and integration software (EAI), with full documentation, access to the code and training materials provided.
  • Better observability and quicker debugging thanks to the architecture transparency, which results in improving the quality of delivered software.

Middleware – business benefits

  • Increasing the software development agility through the utilization of the middleware architecture frameworks allowing an easier implementation on multiple platforms including: cloud, mobile devices and varied conventional platforms.
  • Improving the IT team work efficiency via a more extensive automation utilization.
  • Faster innovation and new market solution (shorter Time-to-Market) implementation thanks to the possibility of using the ready existing components.
  • Cost optimization due to the use of shared components.

Middleware – why to work with us

Since 2009 we have carried out middleware implementation projects in the bare metal, virtual and container environments, inter alia, in the financial and insurance, telecommunication and public administration sectors.

For several years of cooperation between middleware vendors and end-clients, we have developed not only the best deployment practices but also the ways of reacting to the changing demands and business environment.

We have also acquired experience in the development and implementation of effective monitoring tools, allowing us to observe the middleware status and performance in a real time mode.

Our services are of comprehensive nature and they include:

  • solution development and delivery;
  • broadly defined solution maintenance;
  • knowledge transfer (training);
  • technical support in solving problems as well as proactive monitoring.

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