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What makes our offer unique on the market?

As the only company on the Polish market, we offer an extended 5-level model of support, which is more effective and guarantees more effective problem recognition.

For many years, we have been supplementing the support provided by producers of commercial open source versions.
We also supervise how the software supplier solves the problem.

We provide support for community versions of open source software.
We help in solving legal and licensing problems related to open source software.

We provide support services to all elements of the IT environment companies.
We also offer supplementation of missing functionality in the supported software.

Range of services

Individual systems and open-source applications support

Assistance in keeping the application in the established operational parameters.
Supporting implementation of updates, patches and workarounds.
Know-how transfer.

Technical Account Manager (TAM) service

Support of a dedicated Linux Polska’s engineer, who has comprehensive knowledge of the IT environment.
Correct identification of the source of the issues; advice on the remedial actions.

Takeover of the systems maintenance or a defined IT area in line with the SLA

IT environment analysis.
Taking control of the administration tasks in the defined IT area.
System status and incidents reporting.

IT environment health check

Environment configuration overview.
Optimization guidelines.
Guidelines for updating and patch installations.

Consulting in the area of utilizing the latest technological trends

Analysis of latest technologies and trends with regard to IT optimization.
Selection of technology to validate as part of the proof of concept (PoC).
PoC implementation.

Business analysis

Assessing effectiveness of the present method of IT environment maintenance.
Working out improvements.
Recommendations for change in the method of obtaining hardware and IT services.

Support in the licensing area

Analyzing currently used software for licensing compliance and restrictions.
Analyzing incompatibilities between licenses.
Legal opinions considering the rules of software use.

Our services of maintenance and support consist of

  • Issue or bug reporting in a dedicated support system.
  • Tracking problem solving progress, access to the troubleshooting history.
  • Determining the reaction time and report solving time in case of unforeseeable incidents.
  • Proactive monitoring and regular maintenance inspections.
  • Software update and configuration management are also available as a part of the maintenance service.
  • Support channels: (email, phone, support system).

What you gain from cooperation

The access to the most current and up-to-date knowledge of the latest solutions in the area of open source and software lifecycle management.

Improving indicators Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) and Mean Time To Repair (MTTR)

More efficient error and crash prevention thanks to proactive monitoring.

Flexible terms of service adapted to the working mode of users, administrators and helpdesk.

Improving the quality of support services thanks to the competences of Linux Polska engineers, including SLA and XLA indicators.

Training and workshops on good practices in system management and solution configuration.

5-level model of maintenance and support

Level 0Additional support
Level 1Developing workarounds
Level 2Detailed analysis of problems
Level 3Code-level problem solving


Preparing the users and administrators to the utilization of support.
Technology update for your team.
Dedicated training and workshops.
Aid in the creation of the enterprise knowledge base.

Poziom 0

Additional local support in Polish language with the option of a permanent presence onsite and online.
Troubleshooting monitoring.
Helpdesk outsourcing option.

Level 1

Issues classification, working out workarounds.
Controlling the way the producer intends to solve the problem.

Level 2

Detailed issue analysis by the producer.
Continuous oversight over the way the producer solves the problem.

Level 3

Solving the advanced issues on the code level by the producer.
Extensive issue analysis by the producer
Oversight over the way the producer closes the issue.

IT environments maintenance services

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IT support and maintenance modes

Standard (5×8)

Technical support service in the Standard mode (5×8)

Premium (24×7)

Technical support service in the Premium mode (24×7)


Dedicated technical support service – adjusted to the client’s specified requirements

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