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Consulting on the creation and updating of enterprise architecture

We start with a detailed analysis of your IT strategy, mapping its objectives onto specific elements of the information architecture. Next, we create customized project guidelines that include both standards and recommended technology blocks. We also offer assistance in the practical implementation of these guidelines and their ongoing updates, thereby ensuring the consistency of your IT environment and its readiness for future challenges.

Designing IT environment architecture

We analyze your IT environment, identifying hardware-software dependencies and data flows. Based on this, we create a design for the recommended architecture and present change recommendations to optimize your IT environment and enable its effective expansion with additional solutions.

Creating software solution architecture

We offer comprehensive support in developing the architecture for your IT solution. This process begins with a detailed analysis of your requirements, followed by the design of an optimal architecture, and concludes with detailed design recommendations for the applications you are to develop. Our aim is to ensure that your solution will operate both effectively and in alignment with your needs

Modeling IT processes in alignment with ITIL practices

We offer comprehensive consulting in the field of IT process modeling, in accordance with best ITIL practices. Our collaboration begins with a detailed analysis of your current processes, focusing on key aspects such as strategy and service transformation. We then develop a tailored process concept and a transformation plan aimed at increasing the efficiency of your IT services.

IT Architecture—additional services from Linux Polska

Designing and implementing high availability (HA) environments

We offer comprehensive services related to the design, installation, and configuration of high-availability (HA) environments. We start by analyzing your performance and reliability requirements, based on which we prepare an HA environment deployment plan. Furthermore, we then proceed to installation and configuration optimization to ensure maximum availability and efficiency. In the end, we conclude with recommendations for ongoing operation to ensure your IT environment runs smoothly.

Migration to public and private clouds

We assist at every stage of IT resource migration to cloud environments, both public like AWS, Azure, GCP, and private. We start by developing a target architecture design in the public (AWS, Azure, GCP) or private cloud, followed by the migration of selected resources. After completing the process, we conduct tests to ensure the new IT environment meets your expectations, thus ensuring a smooth and secure transition to the cloud.

Implementing hybrid cloud solutions

We offer comprehensive support in implementing solutions in a hybrid cloud model. Our process begins with the development of an architecture design that considers data flows between various locations, such as public cloud, private cloud, or on-premises infrastructure. We then move on to the installation and configuration phase of IT resources, ensuring the coherence and efficiency of your environment. This allows you to enjoy the flexibility and scalability of a hybrid cloud.

Containerization in the cloud

We provide assistance at every stage of the containerization process in the cloud. We start by designing and implementing architectures that enable efficient containerization and operation of your applications in the cloud. Furthermore, we then handle the migration of applications and data to the new environment. After completing the process, we provide post-implementation support to ensure everything is fully optimized and meets your expectations. With our service, you can take full advantage of containerization, increasing the efficiency and scalability of your IT environment.

Adapting service-oriented architecture (SOA) to cloud environments

We offer comprehensive support in adapting your Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) to the needs of a cloud environment. We analyze your existing IT services, prepare an SOA architecture, facilitating migration and ensuring efficient and scalable operation in new settings. Our solutions are tailored to your needs and allow for a smooth and secure transition to the cloud.

Application modernization

We modernize your applications, starting with an assessment of their readiness for change. Based on this analysis, we advise on the most effective modernization strategy. The final stage involves recommendations concerning specific technologies, design patterns, and APIs that best suit your needs. Our goal is to ensure that your applications are not only modern, but also scalable and easy to maintain.

Why choose us for IT architecture

Expertise and technology

We combine an in-depth understanding of IT architecture standards, experience in migrating large systems, and active participation in the open source community. Our approach to IT architecture design is based on years of experience in creating solutions using Linux systems and open source software. We have developed advanced IT architectures for leading organizations in the finance, insurance, and public administration sectors, both in Poland and abroad.

Open standards and development

We focus on open standards, which are the foundation of our philosophy for designing IT systems. As a result, our solutions are characterized by long-term usability and easy scalability, which are crucial in the dynamically changing world of technology. Open standards allow for full data exchange and seamless integration with new applications, paving the way for innovation and ensuring readiness for future technological and business challenges. This ensures that our projects are always up-to-date and meet both current and future needs of your organization.

IT architecture — sample tools and technologies supported by Linux Polska

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The key to IT systems efficiency: well-defined IT architecture at multiple levels

An efficient operation of the IT systems requires a transparent IT architecture, which clearly defines the cooperation with the other applications, hardware and with the whole organizational environment. Well-structured IT architecture reduces the complexity of the systems, simplifies the cost optimization and allows faster deployment of the new applications.

During the process of drafting the IT architecture it is important to consider all of the architectural layers: business strategy, business applications, data integration, security, infrastructural services and hardware-system infrastructure.

Linux Polska offers services on the 3-levels of IT architecture:

  • enterprise architecture — covering the whole organization and oriented on achieving the business objectives;
  • solutions’ architecture — including the method of implementation of the new solutions and the means of interaction between layers and components;
  • applications’ technical architecture — describing the technical manner of application composition; used design paradigms; components’ division; utilized API’s, data transfers.

Why implement a modern IT architecture

  • Hardware limitations — low efficiency of the system operation within the existing infrastructure.
  • Increased cost of systems and applications maintenance — high license and hardware replacement cost.
  • Architecture constraints — problems in defining the requirements for new solutions and their cooperation with the existing IT environment.
  • Technological limitations — issues in providing compliance with the recently established technological requirements in the area of security, data flow optimization and interaction with other applications and external services.
  • Organizational constraints — issues in identification of responsibility for low efficiency and an inadequate service quality.

A well-defined IT architecture — tech benefits

  • Management simplifying due to the reduction of the environment’s complexity.
  • Systems’ stability improvement thanks to the faster identification of the root cause of the problems.
  • Increased security through the increased transparency of the data flow.
  • Precise technical objectives for the new solutions.
  • Efficient interaction between the applications and the infrastructure’s components.

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A well-defined IT architecture — business benefits

  • Full control of the IT environment in line with the company’s strategic objectives.
  • Controlling efficiency of particular IT areas.
  • Identifying areas for further cost optimization initiatives.
  • Providing an important tool for the business processes re-engineering (BPR).
  • Improving the communication of the IT team with the board and the party responsible for the budget formation and control.