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Support and maintenance

We offer support in managing specific systems and applications, as well as taking over the responsibilities of maintaining entire areas of IT infrastructure in enterprises. By utilizing open source software, we help in creating and maintaining modern IT solutions. We provide access to the latest knowledge, more effective monitoring, and improved quality of support services.

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IT architecture

We provide comprehensive support in creating and updating IT architectures at various levels: corporate, IT systems, and applications. Our services include consultancy, design, and implementation of architectures, as well as process modeling in accordance with ITIL practices. We adhere to the highest industry standards and ensure the coherence of the environment and readiness for future technological challenges.

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Virtualization allows for optimizing costs, increasing system availability, facilitating the division of work among administrators and developers, reducing energy consumption, and saving space. We offer complete virtualization services, implementing, migrating, and maintaining flexible environments, as well as adapting them to the needs of containerization platforms.

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Middleware, or intermediary software, facilitates communication between the frontend and backend layers and enables multiple applications to cooperate in a distributed environment. We perform configuration audits and modernization of middleware environments, as well as comprehensively implement application server environments and migrate them from proprietary to open source solutions.

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How we benefit your business

Expert support

We provide comprehensive support in managing IT infrastructure carried out by experienced and certified specialists, allowing clients to focus on growing their business.

IT optimization and cost reduction

We offer optimization and customization of IT infrastructure to meet changing business and technological needs, which leads to increased operational efficiency and cost reduction.

Flexible service models

Our IT environment management services are flexible and scalable, enabling clients to tailor the scope of our operations to their individual needs.

IT environment management — our perspective

Proper management of the IT environment is the foundation of stability, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. That’s why we approach each project individually, analyzing all its aspects to guarantee our clients coherence, security, and optimal resource utilization. By relieving their own internal teams, companies can focus on achieving strategic goals. For years, we have been comprehensively supporting our clients in managing IT environments, even the most complex ones.
Tomasz Dziedzic
Tomasz Dziedzic
Chief Technology Officer,
Linux Polska

Is it worth outsourcing IT environment management to an external company?

IT environment management

Thanks to our services, businesses can focus on creativity and innovation, as IT operations are partially or fully managed by our experts, depending on the client’s preference. Our offerings focus on optimizing processes, utilizing modern solutions, and quickly adapting to changing market requirements. The result of our collaboration is not only increased efficiency but also enhanced flexibility and business competitiveness.

Full portfolio of services

Today’s businesses face the challenge of continuously adapting to technological changes. Since this is an ongoing process, not a one-time transformation, it is valuable to consistently implement solutions that ensure optimal utilization of a company’s business potential. Digital optimization leads to revenue growth, improves operational efficiency, enhances competitiveness, and reduces operational costs—all without altering the business model. We offer comprehensive support for the continuous process of digital optimization, which includes the following services.

In a dynamic business environment, effective management of IT infrastructure is crucial for success. We provide comprehensive support in improving and enhancing IT infrastructure, processes, and strategies. We assist in optimizing the IT environment, adapting it to changing business and technological needs. Effective IT infrastructure management increases operational efficiency, improves usability, and reduces costs. Entrust operations related to system maintenance to our experienced experts.

Data engineering is a cycle of operations that includes the collection, processing, transformation, and archiving of data for analysis and utilization. A key aspect of this process is creating a coherent data structure that allows for the efficient management of large volumes of information and real-time data processing. Moving beyond traditional data management, we offer comprehensive support to clients who wish to fully leverage the potential of their systems and data warehouses. Our services include not only system integration but also comprehensive solutions concerning databases and data warehouses, ensuring security and compliance.

In a digital world full of changes and threats, continuous monitoring of the IT environment is essential. Proper observability involves collecting and analyzing data from various points in the infrastructure. This allows us to gain information about the current state and performance of systems. As a result, we can identify the actual sources of failures or performance drops, as well as recognize trends and patterns in software operation. Our services minimize the risk of cyber threats and ensure the continuity of system operations. We implement IT security strategies by integrating best practices in the field of security. Support also includes training tailored to the individual needs of the client to fully utilize the potential of implemented solutions.