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Cloud transformation and migration – our approach

Cloud as a key element of business strategy

We don’t just execute a simple migration of IT resources to the cloud. We assist in leveraging cloud technology for the transformation of the entire organization. It’s not just about implementing a technological solution. Integral to this change is the adaptation of the entire organization to new ways of working with IT.

We assist in creating a map of the business benefits of transformation — achievable and significant for companies, such as:

  • increased revenue,
  • faster introduction of innovations,
  • staying ahead of the competition in creating new products and business models,
  • reducing operational risk and increasing security,
  • optimizing cost structure and types.

Cloud as a driver for continuous Transformation

Cloud migration enables IT investments to be made in a new way, more open to future changes and lowering the barrier of initial costs. This provides an opportunity for flexible adaptation of IT solutions to the new business environment. We help take a holistic view of this technological change.

Defining roles and responsibilities is key to the success of cloud transformation

A critical aspect during implementation is to clearly define the scope of duties and responsibilities of the management for achieving business results. Our method effectively assists in accomplishing this task.

Change coalition for cloud transformation

For the success of transformation and the maintenance of its business effects, it is essential to create a conducive environment. Building a coalition of change promoters and implementers is a significant means to achieve this goal. Our method helps shape and develop an effective change coalition.

Adaptation and competence development

Moving systems to cloud platforms renders some of the company’s competencies redundant. However, there arises a need for adaptation and continuous development of new skills. We provide knowledge transfer to your organization through training sessions and workshops.

Iterative work method and risk reduction

Cloud migration is a significant change in IT architecture—processes, tools, human competencies, and habits. To address this challenge, we employ an iterative work method allowing for development and continuous improvement of solutions in action. By dividing the entire project into cycles and testing their effects in advance, we identify opportunities and threats, continuously refine the final outcome, and adjust it to the changing business environment.

Thanks to the cloud transformation method developed by our experts, it is possible to:

  • support organizations in creating an environment conducive to change;
  • properly embed cloud technologies in the organization—in strategy, benefit mapping, and IT architecture;
  • more easily introduce innovations and new services/products in response to market dynamics and customer expectations;
  • adapt the IT team’s competencies to the new model;
  • reduce dependence on a single supplier (vendor lock-in);
  • measuring the achievement of transformation goals through a balanced set of indicators (KPIs), focused on cost optimization, revenue growth, and the achievement of strategic objectives;
  • full integration of systems and data, and their security regardless of the location of their processing (public cloud, multi-cloud, hybrid cloud, cloud backup);
  • effective analysis of data on the operation of applications in the cloud;
  • clear rules for cooperation with public cloud service providers and software manufacturers based on SLAs and open standards;
  • long-term support in the development of the cloud solution and its adaptation to changing needs;
  • implementation of the DevOps approach.

How we work – cooperation stages

1Analysis and planning

Assessment of the initial situation, identification of areas for change, and recommendations for solutions.

2Solution testing

Proof of Concept (PoC), pilot or partial implementation.

3Solution evaluation

Verification of the assumptions made, determination of whether the solution will deliver the expected benefits.

4Solution implementation

Execution of the verified plan.

5Support and development

Ensuring the sustainability of the solution and its alignment with the organization’s goals.

Cloud transformation services — how can we help you?

Comprehensive cloud transformation strategy and action plan

We begin by evaluating your strategic objectives and existing IT landscape to gauge your organization’s readiness for cloud adoption. This includes assessing potential benefits, costs, and risks. From this analysis, we develop a tailored cloud strategy and action plan. We guide leaders in planning changes that maximize the benefits of cloud adoption. Our aim is to ensure a smooth and effective cloud transition tailored to your organizational needs and goals.

Migrating IT resources to the cloud

We design the target architecture within your chosen cloud environment and oversee or perform the migration of selected IT resources. After migration, we conduct tests to confirm system stability and performance, ensuring a seamless and secure transition to the cloud.

We help with realizing the following migration directions for selected IT resources:

  • migration from an on-premises local data center to a public cloud (for example, Azure, GCP, AWS);
  • migration between public cloud providers (cloud-to-cloud migration) or distributing IT components across multiple public clouds (multi-cloud);
  • migration from a public cloud to a local data center (reverse cloud migration, cloud repatriation, cloud exit);
  • allocating selected IT components between a private cloud (own local data center, on-premises) and a public cloud, i.e., creating a hybrid cloud.

Implementing solutions in a hybrid and multi-cloud model

We architect a cloud solution that accommodates data flows across various locations such as public clouds, private clouds, or on-premises infrastructure. We then install and configure IT services to align with your specific needs, ensuring a consistent and efficient IT environment.

Applications containerization in the cloud

We design and implement architectures that facilitate the containerization and deployment of applications in the cloud. Furthermore, we audit your business applications to prepare them for a smooth migration, transferring both applications and data to function efficiently in the new cloud environment.

Adapting IT service architecture for the cloud

We assess your existing IT services and adapt the service architecture to be cloud-compatible. Our objective is not just to facilitate a smooth migration, but also to ensure uninterrupted and efficient operation post-migration.

Cloud performance and cost optimization

We scrutinize your cloud expenses and resource utilization to uncover potential savings. Our recommendations aim to enhance performance while significantly reducing operational costs. By choosing our service, you are making a data-driven investment in optimizing your IT services.

Identity management in the public cloud

We develop a comprehensive identity management strategy for your public cloud solutions, covering all facets of authentication and authorization. We implement tools to ensure secure and efficient access management.

Cloud-based databases management

We offer end-to-end management of your Postgres database in the public cloud. After assessing your needs and requirements, we design the architecture and data processing workflows, followed by implementation and configuration, concluded with business-technical testing and performance tuning to ensure optimal operation.

Observability and monitoring of cloud solutions

We offer comprehensive monitoring and observability solutions for your cloud environment. We tailor data acquisition processes, establish key performance indicators, and map dependencies between IT services. Subsequently, we design and implement a dedicated environment for detailed observation of your cloud infrastructure. With our services, you can be confident that your cloud environment is not only continuously monitored but also optimized.

Cloud competencies development

We begin the process of cloud competency development by creating a personalized training plan tailored to your organization’s specific needs and goals. We then organize hands-on workshops and courses focused on the essential skills required for effective cloud management. This prepares your organization for a more complete and accelerated adoption of cloud technologies.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) support

Implementation, maintenance, and development of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) in private, public, and hybrid clouds:

  • development of IaaS platform architectures,
  • implementation and updating of IaaS platforms,
  • cost and performance optimization of IaaS platforms,
  • support for IT environments on the IaaS platform.

Platform as a Service (PaaS) support

Implementation, maintenance, and development of platform as a Service (PaaS) in private, public, and hybrid clouds:

  • implementation and continuous updating of PaaS platforms,
  • development of PaaS platforms,
  • maintenance of PaaS platforms in on-premises and cloud environments.

Software as a Service (SaaS) support

Implementation, migration, and maintenance of SaaS applications in private, public, and hybrid clouds:

  • creation of new SaaS applications,
  • modernization of legacy applications for cloud deployment in the SaaS model,
  • maintenance of SaaS applications.
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Why choose us for cloud transformation?

Comprehensive transformation

We offer comprehensive cloud transformation services — from strategy to optimization. We consider both technological and organizational aspects (adapting competencies and processes), which translates into the effectiveness of the implemented changes.


We pay special attention to legal issues and data security, ensuring compliance with licenses, legal regulations, and protection against potential threats, regardless of the location of data processing.

Iterative improvement

Our approach is based on the cyclical verification of results and adjustment of solutions. This minimizes risk and refines the final outcome, enabling organizations to effectively utilize new technologies.

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