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Databases and data warehouses services by Linux Polska

Data architecture development and database design

We create and design data architectures and databases. Our solutions are scalable and in line with market trends. As a result, you gain not only an efficient and secure database but also a foundation for further development and innovation.

Implementation and configuration

After a project is approved by the client, we implement and configure the database, paying special attention to server optimization for security, performance, and reliability. This ensures efficient collaboration of the database with applications. We also offer regular reviews and updates.

Audit and recommendations for changes

We conduct detailed audits of databases to identify and eliminate potential weaknesses in architecture, security, and performance. Based on our analyses, we offer recommendations for changes and improvements tailored to your database system.

ETL design and optimization

We design and optimize ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) processes, ensuring efficient processing and transformation of data between various systems and data models. Our solutions are tailored to your individual needs and requirements.

Data migrations

We carry out safe and efficient data migrations between various platforms and systems. Thanks to our extensive experience, we minimize risk and ensure the continuity of your business operations.

Monitoring and automation

We implement tools for monitoring and automating data infrastructure management. Our solutions ensure efficiency and reliability, enabling continuous oversight of your data environment.

Maintenance and development

We provide comprehensive support in maintaining and developing database environments and data warehouses. Our services include both ongoing management and planning long-term development strategies.

Security and compliance

We offer consulting and implementation of data security solutions, taking into account compliance with regulations, policies, and organizational standards.

Designing and implementing Big Data systems

We design and implement Big Data systems, including VLDB (Very Large Databases), data warehouses, and data lakes. Our solutions are optimized for storage and multi-dimensional analysis of large data sets.

Streaming data analysis

We integrate analytical systems with applications delivering streaming data, providing the ability for proactive monitoring, alerting, and near-real-time (NRT) data analysis.

Optimization and tuning

We specialize in the optimization and tuning of databases and big data systems to ensure maximum performance and operational efficiency.

Training and knowledge transfer

We organize training sessions and workshops for your team, aimed at providing the knowledge necessary for effective data management and optimal use of the latest technologies.

Why choose us for databases and data warehouses

Expert knowledge

Our engineers have the knowledge and experience to address issues of data quality and consistency, as well as to design, implement, and integrate large data sources.

Individual approach

Our team of experts precisely analyzes the client’s needs, providing scalable and efficient solutions tailored to their individual business requirements.

Innovative technologies

We utilize open source technologies that are in line with market trends and best practices in data management, discovering new ways to extract value from data.

Support at every stage

We offer assistance at every stage — starting from consulting and designing, through to maintenance and development. We ensure a smooth process of implementation, configuration, and optimization of databases and big data systems.

Confirmation of benefits before implementation

Before implementing a solution, we conduct a Proof of Concept (PoC) to provide clients with assurance that their investment will be profitable and yield the desired results.

Hybrid approach

Our solutions enable the integration of current streaming data with historical data, facilitating a better understanding of trends and quicker responses to changes.

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