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Enterprise application and data integration

We integrate various IT systems, eliminating data silos and enhancing the exchange of information between applications. Our services include audits and analysis of environments, designing and modernizing integration architectures and advanced ESB systems, selecting and implementing key components, migrating environments, and deploying monitoring tools.

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Databases and data warehouses

We offer a wide range of services related to databases — from audits and technical consultations, through the development of data architectures and database design, to implementation, migration, optimization, monitoring, and support in innovative development. Process data effectively and make optimal decisions in a timely manner with the support of experienced experts.

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How we benefit your business

Data integration and optimization

We handle comprehensive data integration from various sources and their optimization, which facilitates access to them and enhances their readability.

Effective use of business data

Our services enable full and informed utilization of collected data for making accurate business decisions.

Process automation

Through automated data processing and reporting processes, we help clients achieve greater efficiency and save time.

Data engineering — our perspective

By properly leveraging the potential of data engineering, strategic solutions based on the analysis of real information can be created. This is a crucial step in refining business operations and making accurate decisions that drive development and competitiveness in the market. An effective data management policy allows for achieving new levels of operational efficiency and responding more quickly to changing conditions.
Tomasz Dziedzic
Tomasz Dziedzic
Chief Technology Officer,
Linux Polska

Data engineering — scope of technical activities

Data engineering

Data engineering encompasses a wide range of activities related to data processing — including collecting, transforming, cleaning, and analyzing data. It also implements systems for managing databases and data warehouses and develops the infrastructure needed for effective processing of large datasets in real time. Additionally, data engineering involves designing and implementing algorithms and tools for automating processes related to data processing.

Full portfolio of services

Today‚Äôs businesses face the challenge of continuously adapting to technological changes. Since this is an ongoing process, not a one-time transformation, it is valuable to consistently implement solutions that ensure optimal utilization of a company’s business potential. Digital optimization leads to revenue growth, improves operational efficiency, enhances competitiveness, and reduces operational costs—all without altering the business model. We offer comprehensive support for the continuous process of digital optimization, which includes the following services.

In a dynamic business environment, effective management of IT infrastructure is crucial for success. We provide comprehensive support in improving and enhancing IT infrastructure, processes, and strategies. We assist in optimizing the IT environment, adapting it to changing business and technological needs. Effective IT infrastructure management increases operational efficiency, improves usability, and reduces costs. Entrust operations related to system maintenance to our experienced experts.

Data engineering is a cycle of operations that includes the collection, processing, transformation, and archiving of data for analysis and utilization. A key aspect of this process is creating a coherent data structure that allows for the efficient management of large volumes of information and real-time data processing. Moving beyond traditional data management, we offer comprehensive support to clients who wish to fully leverage the potential of their systems and data warehouses. Our services include not only system integration but also comprehensive solutions concerning databases and data warehouses, ensuring security and compliance.

In a digital world full of changes and threats, continuous monitoring of the IT environment is essential. Proper observability involves collecting and analyzing data from various points in the infrastructure. This allows us to gain information about the current state and performance of systems. As a result, we can identify the actual sources of failures or performance drops, as well as recognize trends and patterns in software operation. Our services minimize the risk of cyber threats and ensure the continuity of system operations. We implement IT security strategies by integrating best practices in the field of security. Support also includes training tailored to the individual needs of the client to fully utilize the potential of implemented solutions.