Linux Polska shares the best practices in IT monitoring during Zabbix Meeting Poland 2023


Linux Polska shares the best practices in IT monitoring during Zabbix Meeting Poland 2023

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Linux Polska, Premium Partner of Zabbix, demonstrated their experience and best practices in using the open source solutions from the field of It monitoring at Zabbix Meeting Poland 2023. During the conference, a case of utilizing Zabbix in the public sector has been showcased. Linux Polska is a senior partner in the digital IT transformation based on open source and offers counseling and implementation services alongside support and training in the field of IT systems monitoring.

Linux Polska, Premium partner of Zabbix, have had the privilege of giving a presentation, in which they shared the knowledge and experience on the subject of practical usage of Zabbix solutions. During the presentation, a real case study was being presented, which represented a perfect example of utilizing Zabbix in a dispersed environment of one of the clients from the public sector. Moreover, a key aspect regarding SLA in the context of services provided by the client has been brought up, which highlighted the importance of managing this area of activity.

The conference was held in Warsaw on 15th of March 2023. It has gathered a wide range of not only Zabbix users but also specialists interested in the latest trends from the field of monitoring and IT systems diagnostics as well as in utilizing open source solutions in these areas.

The participation in Zabbix Meeting Poland has been an important occasion to explore the trends and directions of development of the open source software market, discover the growth plans of products and new applications of technologies. The participation and meetings with the manufacturers of the technologies is an opportunity for us to deliver the highest service quality and proven solutions adjusted to the needs of our clients.

Nowadays, when IT technologies are playing a crucial role in the functioning of companies, monitoring the condition of IT systems is highly significant. Ensuring a constant operation of servers and applications, as well as a quick response to incidents, is vital in maintaining the stability and efficiency of business operation.

Zabbix is a platform used in monitoring the IT systems, which allows gathering the intel on efficiency, accessibility, and stability of IT systems in real-time. This solution offers many functionalities, for instance, among others, gathering data from various sources, visualizing the results in the form of charts and tables, sending notifications about the alarms, as well as generating the reports and analyzing the data. The platform is used in many sectors i.e., IT, finance, telecommunication, or industry.

Linux Polska is an experienced partner in digital IT transformation based on open source solutions. Our offer includes comprehensive services, which consist of i.e., business requirements’ analysis, selection of suitable solutions, architecture design, as well as implementations, support, and training.

Linux Polska engineering team implements projects adjusted to the specifics of each client, allowing for an efficient management of IT infrastructure. As a result, our clients can effectively track the performance of their systems, detect problems in real time and minimize the downtimes and the risk of failure.

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