Linux Polska expands its range of database services thanks to the partnerships with MongoDB

Linux Polska expands its range of database services thanks to the partnerships with MongoDB

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Linux Polska, an expert in the field of designing and implementing innovative, open-source solutions, has announced a partnership with MongoDB – one of the leading suppliers of open source NoSQL databases in the world. This new partnership enables Linux Polska to offer MongoDB solutions to their clients, including databases, analytical and integration tools, as well as professional counseling and deployment services from the above-mentioned area.

Thanks to this new collaboration, Linux Polska will be able to offer their clients with an even wider array of acclaimed and innovative open source services. It will also aid their clients more effectively in selecting the optimal technology and tools for their specific needs and requirements.

As part of the partnership with MongoDB, Linux Polska will be delivering subscriptions and professional services in the field of implementation, integration and tech support from the area of this database technology. It also indicates an easier access to MongoDB software and certified consultants for Linux Polska’s clients.

It is worth noting that for many years Linux Polska has specialized in delivering the open-source solutions such as PostgreSQL and EDB solutions. The partnership with MongoDB is the next step in the company’s development, allowing for expanded product offer and increased competitiveness in the market.

Linux Polska mission is to support our clients in overcoming technological barriers and in the IT transformation based on the open source technologies. The company is focusing on innovation, developing its own competencies and transferring the knowledge to the client’s team. Linux Polska architects actively participate in the open source community. The areas of the company’s specialization, besides the databases, are, among others, applications containerization, DevOps and CI/CD, migration to open source, hybrid cloud, DevOps, middleware, automation. The activities of Linux Polska consist of counseling, deployment, maintenance services and architecture design.

MongoDB is currently one of the leading NoSQL type databases in the world. According to the DB-Engine rating, which rates the popularity of databases, MongoDB holds the fifth place among all of the 414 rated DBMS systems (as of April 2023). The company has 40 000 clients in more than 100 countries and its database platform has been downloaded more than 365 million times. Furthermore, the MongoDB training courses have over 1.8 million users. MongoDB’s solutions are characterized by high scalability, reliability and flexibility, which makes them a perfect choice for companies which need efficient and flexible utilities to manage data.

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