Linux Polska develops a new containerization offer

Linux Polska develops a new containerization offer

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Linux Polska supports its clients in the process of developing and implementing critical business applications according to the best practice of DevOps and CI/CD. In recent years the company has assembled a professional engineering team implementing container projects using any software chosen by the client such as: Kubernetes, Rancher, Tanzu, OpenShift, OKD, Docker.

Containerization is a reliable solution, fulfilling the requirements of modern business and facilitating the deployment of:

  • modern applications: microservices, stateless applications;
  • traditional applications: in the client-server, layered and transactional models;
  • databases: relational and non-relational.

It is possible to implement it in the hybrid cloud model, in which it can provide its services from any location with the ability to transfer the applications between the public and private clouds.

When to consider containerization

Containerization facilitates the troubleshooting in the existing applications, as well as paves the way to the development of new ones.

Implementation of this solution is especially worth considering if we plan to:

  • deploy new applications which deliver services competitive in the market;
  • optimize the cost related to the administration of applications;
  • modernize the applications (because of unreliability or low effectivity);
  • implement the DevOps approach;

Containerization with Linux Polska

Linux Polska offers a vast array of services from the area of containerization which consist of:

Learn more about Linux Polska services in the area of containerization.

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