EDB releases EPAS 15 - a more secure and stable version of Postgres

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EDB releases EPAS 15 – a more secure and stable version of Postgres

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EDB has announced the release of the newest version of its flagship product – EDB Postgres Advanced Server 15 (EPAS 15) database, built on the open source, community-based PostgreSQL 15.2. EPAS 15 introduced several improvements, including the popular MERGE command, enhanced sorting and the ability to compress the backups. Furthermore, the new edition contains functions which increase the security and compatibility with Oracle, such as Transparent Data Encryption or the Oracle Compatibility package. They ensure an increased data protection and facilitate the migration of the existing applications from the Oracle to the Postgres databases.

EDB strengthens its position as the leader of commercial DBMS solution market based on the open source code

EDB is the leader of the commercial DBMS solution market based on the open source code. Upon the premiere of EPAS 15, the company has strengthened its position, by providing the clients with the most secure Postgres version, while also ensuring the efficiency, scalability, and compatibility with Oracle.

EPAS 15 – an innovative solution by EDB company with the best feature of community – based PostgreSQL

EDB Postgres Advanced Server (EPAS) database is a collection of the best features of the PostgreSQL community. It is enhanced by the unique solutions made by EDB company, the leading contributor to PostgreSQL. EDB has over 300 developers actively participating in the community and responsible for over 30 percent of contributions to PostgreSQL code, which allows for the constant growth of this technology.

EDB constantly monitors the trends and introduces the latest PostgreSQL functionalities in every EPAS version, including EPAS 15, which offers, among others, the standard SQL MERGE command or the support for server-side compression. Thanks to that, the clients have access to an even more efficient and advanced data management utility.

If you want to know more details, it is worth looking into the official documentation of PostgreSQL 15.

New functionality of EPAS 15

EPAS 15 is not only an enhanced version of PostgreSQL community, but also the most secure version of Postgres available in the market, that offers the advanced security mechanisms and other improvements. Here are some of them:

Transparent Data Encryption (TDE)

Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) is a security function, which enables encrypting the data stored in the database, thanks to which it is invisible to the unauthorized users. Not only the data of the user is encrypted, but also the data of the system catalog, such as the names of the objects.

TDE is a function of invaluable importance for the companies that want to use Postgres, while maintaining the security and privacy of their data. This function protects the confidential information from unauthorized access, which is extremely important in the case of misconfiguration or stolen storage medium.

Password encryption for LDAP Bind

The function of password encryption for LDAP Bind allows for secure storage of LDAP users’ passwords by hashing them in the pg_hba.conf file. Thanks to it, a password is much more difficult to hijack by unauthorized parties, which makes this function essential in protecting confidential information from unauthorized access.

Loading data without superuser privileges

In EPAS 15 the ability of loading data utilizing the edb*loader utility without the need to acquire the super privileges has been introduced. Instead of relying on the superuser privileges, the access to data is controlled by utilizing the table privileges. It limits the  necessity of using the unlimited superuser privileges and therefore contributes to increased users’ privacy of standard privileges.

EPAS 15 – compatibility with Oracle greater than never before

EPAS 15 is characterized by not only the new functionalities but also an even greater compatibility with Oracle, which means that applications written for Oracle can operate  seamlessly, with only minimal modifications also in EPAS 15. All of this makes the EPAS 15 an option worth considering by the clients looking for an alternative to Oracle.

Better compatibility with Oracle in EPAS 15 practically means

1. Additional Oracle functions in EPAS 15 facilitating migration:

EPAS 15 has been extended by additional; compatibility functions with Oracle. Thanks to it, during migration, there is no need to manually rewrite the SQL of applications, storing procedures, functions or triggers, which use the following functions of Oracle:

  • extractvalue
  • rexp_like (PostgreSQL 15)
  • from_tz
  • to_timestamp_tz
  • to_clob
  • reverse
  • Numtodsinterval

2. Support for HTP and HTF packages in EPAS 15 which facilitates the migration of older Oracle database

Additionally, in EPAS 15 the support of HTP and HTF has been introduced, which are used in various, older bases of Oracle code to work with HTML. This allows for an inverted automation of migrations of the older Oracle version and reduces the amount of manually translated code. The number of subprograms, supported by the DBMS_UTILITY package, has also been extended.

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