EuroELS - extended support for Enterprise Linux 6 systems


EuroELS – extended support for Enterprise Linux 6 systems


In the year 2020 the lifecycle of CentOS®, RHEL®, Oracle® Linux, Scientific Linux and EuroLinux systems in the sixth version has ended. The problem of lack of support, namely updates and other security patches, affect various organizations around the world. An easy and noninvasive solution to it is the new product from EuroLinux – EuroELS, which is a prolonged support for Enterprise Linux 6 systems. Thanks to this, it is possible to restore and maintain the security of these systems until at least the first half of 2024.

Updates and patches are an integral part of every software. Lack of thereof significantly contributes to decreasing of its security. This applies not only to operating systems themselves, but also to applications and stored data. Many organizations do not upgrade to a higher version after the system’s end-of-life. This process could be cost-intensive or even impossible to execute, for instance, in situations where one still uses the software operating only with the 6. version. The EuroELS product easily solves the above-mentioned issue.

What is EuroELS?

EuroELS (Extended Life Support) is a prolonged support for these systems:

  • CentOS® 6
  • RHEL® 6
  • Oracle® Linux 6
  • Scientific Linux 6 
  • EuroLinux 6

It allows to extend their standard life cycle at least to the first half of 2024.

It provides the systems with critical and important security fixes and also major bug fixes. EuroELS also includes the technical assistance delivered by EuroLinux’s architects and engineers.

Phase I – critical and important security patches, bug fixes, system improvements/new features.

Phase II – critical and important security patches, bug fixes.

Phase III – critical and important security patches, priority bug fixes.

Phase IV (EuroELS) – extended support: critical and important security fixes, priority bug fixes.

How to benefit from EuroELS?

Using EuroELS is very easy, secure, reversible and does not require reinstalling the system. After purchasing the subscription, one needs only to run the script, which switches the patch repository and performs the migration of the user system(i.a. its name and logo changes to EuroLinux). It allows for delivering the latest security patches and new versions of packages from the EuroELS repository to the software. The previously installed applications, data, and system configuration stay intact.

A step-by-step guide showing how to use EuroELS below:

Learn more about EuroELS and purchasing the solution on the vendor’s website.

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