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What we offer

Modern Web Fraud Detection systems utilize advanced tools and powerful machine analysis to keep your business safe. Why consider Web Fraud Detection tools:

Detection of fraud at its early stage allows immediate action. Near real time alerts on suspicious activity, allow eliminating threats created by either inside or outside users.

Critical business activities at a bigger picture. Analyze multiple data sources to build a complete picture of your business activities, and generate comprehensive reports based on your key requirements. Combine various detection metrics and process it with advanced machine analysis to see what’s happening in your system in real time.

Immediate benefits. Watch your fraud rates plummet as attacks are identified and neutralized before they can do any harm, and save man-hours by automating the hunt for fraudsters. Digital Fraud Management offers an unprecedented return on investment.

Peace of mind.  Add on continuous developments to keep you at the cutting-edge of fraud detection, and you can be sure that Digital Fraud Management is working day and night to keep your system protected.

  • How can Digital Fraud Detection fit in with your business?

    Imagine an average business day for your company’s fraud sensitive processes. Digital Fraud Detection is running in the background, monitoring on-line users’ activities. Any suspiciously looking transaction induces alert based on system history and the prefigured rule set. Digital Fraud Detection outlines the nature of the event, and security analytics can drill down through the events to get a deeper understanding of what triggered the alert.

    Your analytics team have all the information they need to further investigate the event. They have identified the incoming source and the attempted target of the fraud. From there, they can search through that account’s historical activity, or check the whole site for similarly suspect actions.

    Once they have the complete picture of the event and have determined its legitimacy, they can take the appropriate actions to prevent the issue going any further, and generate a complete report to share with the incident management team.

    The Antifraud Team can then customize their rule sets based on their findings to make the monitoring routine even more robust, and to proactively prevent similar attempted frauds before they take place.

    From start to finish, Digital Fraud Detection monitors on-line users activity to detect fraud and abuse in real time, and gives you the tools you need to keep your business and your customers safe.

  • How it works

    Traditional fraud detection methods have been based on complex statistical modeling techniques to detect threats to your business and assess your risk. But as your business grows, finding that one fraudster among your thousands of legitimate clients becomes increasingly complex, and that one fraud could result in serious financial costs for you and your clients. And as fraudsters utilize more powerful techniques to target your systems, more and more of your money and time gets used in fighting back.

    This is where Digital Fraud Detection steps in. Our system utilizes multiple techniques to do the heavy work in the fight against fraud, including:

    – device identification
    – risk factor scoring
    – behavior analysis
    – anomaly detection
    – white and black lists
    – advanced data correlations

    to detect and prevent fraudulent activity.

    Thanks to our mixture of machine data,  advanced event analysis and real-time visualizations, we provide you with immediate access to session details for each suspected fraud attempt. Our Fraud Detection System helps reduce false positives and  offer a safe secure way for your clients to do business, without compromising their customer experience.

    Digital Fraud Detection offers you a complete package in the fight against fraud.

  • Product Cycle

    As your business grows, the risk to your revenues from attempted fraud increases exponentially. With each advance in e-commerce, plus the recent explosion into mobile commerce platforms, having an effective fraud management solution is a critical issue for digital merchants.

    Our Digital Fraud Detection platform provides a complete process that monitors each aspect of your transaction’s lifecycle, helping you review each incoming order, without comprising your customer satisfaction.

    From the start we use our wealth of experience in a variety of business sectors to customize the system to your needs. Based on this, our representatives offer hands-on coaching so that you can unleash the full potential of the platform from day one, and reap the full benefits of a bespoke fraud management solution.

    As soon as you’re up and running, you’ll see immediate improvements leading to significant ROI. Let Digital Fraud Detection do the groundwork for you, and see significant cost savings in mitigating your fraud exposure, and improved time management in managing your cases.

    The result is an easy-to-use solution that integrates fluidly with your current way of doing business, and which also offers a friction-free experience to help retain your client base.

    As a DFD user, we’ll keep you up to date with the latest developments in fraud prevention, helping you stay one step ahead of the competition thanks to our program of continual improvements.

    Don’t believe a fraud management solution can work this well? Contact us today, and we’ll get in touch to schedule a live demo.