Web Fraud DetectionDownloadAdvanced events analysis Platform for security management expanded with user behavior analytics feature.

The product equips security department specialists with high level insights into servers, network devices and desktops in order to enable them to secure the business from outside or inside threats. SIEM + UBA bridges the gap between technical record of event and real knowledge of users intentions and behavior thanks to all busines generated data being collected in one place. The range of analytics tool is being lifted to the one of fully featured analytics platform allowing prevention instead of coping with effects of internet frauds. More than this, the market leading solution for data analysis, which is the underlying base for our solution allows gathering, processing and analyzing raw data.

The product allows mitigate risk of attacks both form outside and inside by registering UBA data as file access, logins or web activity in selected time frame. All anomalies with regards to the previously input patterns arise alert. Thanks to UBA you can also state if you employees’ credentials are not being used by someone from outside the organisation, who took over the access data in an illegal way.

SIEM + UBA offers:

  • high level of security without rules, signatures or human made analysis
  • threats detection and specified reaction with wide spectrum of indicators for particular phases of cyber threat
  • machine learning for recognition of suspecious behavior and identification of critical threats
  • user friendly interface allowing easy and dynamic threats analysis.