OpenStack Diagnostics is a software suite dedicated to OpenStack service monitoring and trouble-shooting. It helps to determine the actual service condition in a robust and interactive way. The software is based on well-known and widely adapted operational intelligence platform in order to cover possibly broadest scope of functionalities extremely useful for IT administrators and infrastructure engineers.

OpenStack Diagnostics Architecture

Use cases

The possible use cases span over many aspects of day-to-day administration practice, including:

  • monitoring of OpenStack services’ operation
  • anomaly tracking and alerting
  • backward analysis and anticipation of OpenStack resource consumption
  • tenants’ operations detailed audit
  • tenants’ resource accounting
  • and many others

As already mentioned, the OpenStack Diagnostics software is based on a mature operational intelligence platform. The platform provides many enterprise ready features like high-availability, scalability, distributed deployment and robust access control. This makes the customer being able to scale up with the deployment accordingly to OpenStack infrastructure growth, taking into account secure information processing. The platform also provides fully-featured API access what easily fosters integration with customer’s legacy solutions in order to reuse data and analytics features in different application fields.

Our software pack is organised into several specialised extensible applications which gives customer the ease of tailoring the solution to his particular needs.  Similarly, the applications are open to extension which makes user being able to apply dedicated changes, which suit his very specific needs.

An intrinsic part of the whole solution is competence given by well-skilled team in terms of customisation services.

Customer assistance

The Linux Polska consultancy team is made of experienced experts in the following fields:

  • operational data analysis
  • IT system monitoring
  • operating systems administration and tuning expertise
  • data base optimisation expertise (relational and non-relational)
  • system administration automation

The team is able to work with the customer remotely as well as on-site, helping user achieve the best value from the OpenStack Diagnostics.  Linux Polska also provides customised support plans in order to best fit customer’s expectations.