Mobile Intelligence

Data Science changes the way of work in Mobile Aplications domain.

Producers of analytics solutions turn more often towards deliverers and developers of mobile platforms. Solutions they offer significantly improves user experience and management of product development for mobile aplications makers. Tools based on advanced data analytics can postively influence user satisfaction, which in turn pays back in terms of aplication popularity.

Mobile Intelligence tools offer:

  • increased insights into the application for developers as well as those, who manage product development.
  • possibility to see how the application is being used, how many people use it and what performance problems they experience, in real time.

What solution does it bring?

  • applications can be prevented from stopping after system update
  • problems with network can be easily detected and simulated
  • time to fix the application can be much shorter
  • solving problems with application infrastructure and user interface becomes obvious
  • monitoring of particular application funtions and analysis of users behavior allows planning of next versions of application.
  • development of mobile application can be oriented on operating system and particular kind of device.
  • corelation of device version is much easier.
  • It is easier to identify bottlenecks within the application as well as network or back end and users interace.

How it works?

After embedding SDK into the mobile application (one line of code) the operational data is being transferred to Data Collector, which allows real time insights into the proces of using the application. Grafic interface displaying data can be easily adjusted to any preferrence. Data analysis allows also identification of the quality and kind of internet connection and checking the location in which problems intensify (thanks to GPS data).

Mobile Intelligence