IT Service IntelligenceDonwloadWith improved monitoring and troubleshooting, potential issues are resolved more quickly or avoided altogether. Our solutions merge seamlessly with your existing monitoring systems, to give a deeper insight into system events in real-time. Receive customised alerts to deal with problems as soon as they occur, and build advanced testing procedures to prevent future issues impacting your business.

Intuitive graphing gives you at-a-glance information about events from multiple sources, so that you can get the bigger picture of your systems in real time. Drill down through issues for granularity, and see where your system is generating bottlenecks, which processes have longer response times, and how that’s affecting your customers. With full customizability, we deliver the monitoring system you want, however you want it.


  • Reduced MTTR (mean time to recovery) and MTTI (mean time to identification)
  • Automatic adaptation to dynamically changing environments

Distinguishing features

  • Correlation of events from multiple sources
  • Advanced data analysis tools
  • High scalability
  • Support and integration of Continuous Delivery processes
  • Dedicated procedures for testing the end-user application actions
  • Integration with other monitoring systems
  • Advanced notification and escalation rules
  • Early anomaly detection
  • Multilevel / complex SLA calculation